Animaker’s Video Infographics

100+ charts and numbers

1000 + icons with color change options

3000+ maps

Text Prebuilts

Special effects

TEXT PREBUILTS. You never heard that before, right? What are they?! Text pre-builts are animated versions of text that one can come across on something like a billboard, a live advertisement, a website and anywhere that you advertise. And we have 50 of them. 50.

What about SPECIAL EFFECTS then? Are they any different from text prebuilts or are they related to the cinematic special effects? No, not the transformers level special effects. (BTW, the movie's SFX were really clumsy) This is neat, small, subtle additions to your video that makes your video look like straight out of a graphic novel with more charts and numbers.

CHARTS, NUMBERS, and MAPS. This is what Infographics is all about. Presenting data especially big data through charts and maps. Telling a story through them. Busting the myth that they are boring. Convincing your superiors, clients, everyone with brick strong proofs.

Oh wait, isn’t that what infographics also does? Well, infographics do exactly that. But a small correction, they just does exactly that. Whether they do it effectively or not is a question that has been answered very many times. And the answer every single time is an astounding NO!

Charts and maps are made for videos. They are best represented through videos. Because, a moving bar is far more effective than a static chart or a bar. Where is the anticipation in a bunch of static charts and bars. But with a moving bar, there is excitement and mystery for you don't know when and where it will stop or what shape it will take next. Maps are the most important part of data storytelling. Yes, charts can tell a story, but maps make it more personal. 'Maps' is Animaker’s way of telling the world, that this tool is made not just for a particular country or for a continent, it is made for everyone. Everyone in the world, no matter how remote their place is, will have access to Animaker. But more importantly, they will have the freedom to tell a story about their neighborhood.

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