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Animaker Logo

Animaker Logo

What is Animaker? Animaker is a Do-It-Yourself video creation platform on cloud. Try Animaker for FREE. Edit

How does Animaker help? With the world’s largest library of animated assets, Animaker helps users create videos of studio quality, in quicktime, in any language and without much training or external guidance. Edit

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Animaker Bot

Why use Animaker? Convert boring data, tedious reports and textual email content into exciting explainer or infographic videos for your audience to appreciate and respond. When compared with competitors, it takes only a fraction of the time & only 1% of the cost to create videos on Animaker. Edit

How many use Animaker? Over 1 Million subscribers from 180 countries have created over 1 Million videos using Animaker. Edit

Who uses Animaker? Graphic Designers, Teachers, School Students, Storytellers, Trainers, Digital Marketers, Visual Content Creators and Sales Executives use Animaker. Fortune 500 including WalMart, Ford, GE, GM, AT&T, HP, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, P&G, PepsiCo, Cisco Systems, Dow Chemicals & FedEx use Animaker. Edit

How do these users use Animaker? Enterprises use it to convert boring financial data into visually appealing video infographics. Digital Marketers use it to convert dull and lifeless textual content into exciting explainer videos. School students use Animaker to create 2D animation videos for better understanding of Math and Science. Teachers use Animaker to create animated video presentations to explain Mathematics and Science subject material. Edit

Why choose Animaker?

Why choose Animaker?

What can be created on Animaker? Social Videos, Infographic Videos, Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Videos, Vertical Videos and Video Presentations. Edit

Animaker Language Sites: Edit

  1. German
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Portuguese
  5. Korean

Animaker Recognition:  Edit

  1. 1 of 5 Video Editing Tools to Try in 2018 – Neil Patel – September 2017
  2. 1 of 9 Fantastic Content Marketing Tools under Budget – Huffington Post – March 2016
  3. 1 of 75 Hot Startups to Watch – TheNextWeb Summit – April 2015

Animaker Resources: Edit

  1. Animaker Tutorials
  2. Animaker Blog
  3. Animaker Video Templates
  4. Animaker Training
  5. Animaker Subscriber Success Story

Few Videos Created by Animaker Users Edit

  1. Autbddy Mobile Application For Autism
  2. How Speed Networking Could Work At Your Next Conference (EMBL)
  3. Vertical Video - 7 Reasons to Use Vertical Videos
  4. Money View - Your Personal Finance Manager Explainer
  5. Universal Morality - Keith Soertsz
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